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Helping take the stress out of sleep

Educating and supporting parents on their journey to understanding baby and toddler sleep


Feeling overwhelmed with understanding your baby's sleep cues and wake windows?

Frustrated because your toddler frequently wakes up early?

Struggling with baby experiencing a sleep regression?

you are not alone!

Hi, I'm Tara Gordon

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant in Saskatoon, SK

I am here to help you and your family reach your sleep goals. As a mama of two, I understand the struggles that families can face when it comes to getting enough sleep.

Book a 15 minute sleep evaluation call with me today and get started on your journey to better sleep!


Consultation Services

As a sleep consultant I believe that sleep is a critical element to the overall health and wellbeing of a family. Below are my available packages to help get your family the sleep they need.

Click on each package to learn more!

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Newborn Sleep Package

For new or expecting parents who want to set up a sleep foundation from day 1


0-3 months

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Infant Sleep Package

For parents with babies who are struggling with sleep or are just ready to introduce independent sleep!


6-18 months

Lindsay Family-4.jpg

Toddler Sleep Package

For parents experiencing disruptions in their child's bedtime routine - let's bring sleep back into the night!


18+ months

what people say

"In the age of social media and endless internet advice, being a new mom can be overwhelming Thankfully one of those online social media searches led us to That Sleep Mama. Tara helped us identify our child's sleep cues, sort out developmentally appropriate wake windows, and trouble shoot growth spurts with those dreaded sleep regressions. Tara's guidance and support made us more confident in our ability to provide our child with quality sleep for healthy growth and development."

4 month old

Infant Sleep Package


That Sleep Mama

That Sleep Mama is dedicated to helping caregivers navigate the difficult and often confusing subject of infant and toddler sleep.

My mission is to educate and support parents on their journey to better sleep. Whether that journey should include traditional sleep training or not, I am here to support you and release you from the pressure to make a decision that doesn't feel right to you.

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