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That Sleep Mama offers personalized baby and toddler sleep plans designed to increase the quality of infant sleep and provide support for tired parents!

As a sleep consultant I believe that sleep is a critical element to the overall health and wellbeing of a family. Below are my available packages to help get your family the sleep they need. Click on each package to learn more.

Newborn Sleep Package

Are you expecting a new baby and feeling nervous about what sleep will look like when they arrive? This comprehensive package gives you the information you need as well as continuing support through the first 12 weeks.

Infant Sleep Package

Maybe you've struggled with sleep from day one and now baby is the appropriate age to sleep train or you never recovered from the 4 month regression. If the sleep deprivation is catching up to you, this package is for you!


Toddler Sleep Package

Toddler resisting bedtime, visiting your room in the middle of the night or too early in the morning? Let's bring the calm back to the bedtime routine and sleep back into the night!

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I offer group seminars to teach you more about how to set your baby up for sleep success! If a date is not currently listed, reach out to see when my next seminar will be.


Newborn Seminar

Are you pregnant or have a newborn and aren't sure where to begin with their sleep? This group seminar is a great place for you to learn about sleep cues, eating and sleeping patterns and some gentle settling techniques!



Sleep Basics Seminar

Do you have a 4-12 month old? Are you struggling with adjusting wake windows, short naps or ditching night feeds? This seminar is for you! We talk all about adjusting your daytime schedule, car naps and how to know when it's okay to drop night feeds.



Toddler Seminar

Are you struggling with your toddler not wanting to go to bed at night, waking up early or crawling into your bed? In this seminar we will talk about different strategies to keep your toddler in bed and maintain those boundaries.


what people say

"Tara was absolutely amazing to work with (and I'm convinced she's a miracle worker!) My 11 month daughter was yet to sleep through the night and my husband and I were exhausted. I often considered hiring a sleep consultant but assumed my daughter would eventually "figure it out" or I would find the magic solution through the internet. I also tried to read through different sleep training books - but I found they would all contradict each other. It wasn't until I had a phone consultation with Tara that things finally started! Tara helped create a personalized plan and a schedule for my daughter that worked best for our family. My daughter started sleeping through the night the next night and has continued to do so! Tara was so easy to talk to, organized and informative. I couldn't recommend her more! My only regret was not reaching out to Tara sooner!"

11 month old

Troubleshooting Call

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