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Is it the right time to sleep train?

When you decide to sleep train your baby, I can tell you with near certainty that it will be challenging and also very rewarding. I have yet to work with a family who's baby went down and slept through the first night of sleep training, it can take a few nights and some persistence. However, I have also never worked with a family who was not incredibly happy with having made the decision to support and teach their baby to sleep through the night.

So when is a good time to begin sleep training?

Tip #1 - Are you going to be home?

I always recommend that someone is at home with the baby for the two weeks of sleep training. It is important to keep a consistent schedule during that time. I do not recommend beginning within two weeks of travelling.

Tip #2 - Is it the right time for the baby?

The best chance for a quick and effective solution is if baby is healthy and thriving. If baby has been sick, or dealing with reflux, you'll want to sort that out before beginning the process of sleep training. There will be some protesting in the first few nights and we want to really know that this is because of a routine change and not due to actual discomfort.

Tip #3 - Is your partner on board?

If you're raising your baby with a partner, you want to make sure they are on board. This can be a difficult time for the first few nights and you want to make sure that your partner is on board or they will convince you to give up and return to old sleep props.

Tip #4 - Are the symptoms of sleep deprivation starting to show?

Are you feeling depressed, moody, clumsy, or unfocused? Have you noticed an increase in appetite and carbohydrate cravings?

These are symptoms of sleep deprivation. Society tends to make light of the "exhausted new mom" scenario, but the more we learn about the health effects of sleep deprivation the less funny it becomes. If you're sleep deprived or feel like you're on the edge, now is the time to make a change.

Tip #5 - Don't wait for the "perfect" moment

As previously stated, you don't want to begin when you have other commitments, getting started and then having to stop can be confusing for the baby. That being said, there will always be something going on that isn't ideal. Teething, crawling and other developmental milestones shouldn't impede baby's ability to sleep through the night, and they're not going to stop popping up anytime soon.

So now that you know, if you're ready to begin then let's get started! Contact us and we can get started on a plan for your baby right away.

I know it's a big decision, but the outcome is a beautiful thing for the whole family.

I'm ready when you are.


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