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How to Get More Time for Yourself as a Mom

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

A.K.A. - How to get your baby sleeping better

As a mom to two myself, I KNOW how difficult it is to get some time to yourself. And I also now just how important it is. You NEED that time of quiet, no one crying or clinging to you. I can remember when my first was a baby, I would watch a show while I walked on the treadmill during her morning nap. It was what made me feel good at the time. Well one morning I just got on the treadmill and hit play when she woke up, just 15 minutes into her nap. Excuse me?! That's rude... this is my time. But better yet, why did you wake up after 15 minutes? and WHY won't you go back to sleep??

Fast forward 3 years. I became so interested in my first babies sleep I actually became a sleep consultant. I've had my second baby and very rarely wonder if I'll get any time to myself on any given day. How? He is a consistently good sleeper. Yep, no more 15min naps interrupting my shows. Keep reading to find out how you can guarantee yourself some time too!

Tip #1 - Wake Windows

I know. You've heard it before. All we talk about is wake windows. But they are just THAT important.

It's not just about finding your baby's wake window though. It's about finding it and keeping up with it. Your baby's wake window doesn't just magically lengthen over night when they're ready to drop a nap. It gradually lengthens over the course of several weeks. Sometimes on it's own, but sometimes we have to push them to be able to stay awake longer.

Tip #2 - Consistency

Consistency is so important. You don't want to change your routine, or wake windows everyday if it isn't working. Predictable sleep is a lagging success - it will show up days to weeks after you've been putting in the work. So pick a method and stay consistent with it for a minimum of 4 days before making changes again.

"Consistency is more important than perfection"

Tip #3 - Be realistic

Sleep will not be perfect all of the time. Don't let it get you down when you have one difficult day or naps or a rough night. I understand the feeling of utter defeat when you think you did everything right and your baby won't go down for their nap! There will always be off days, but if we remain consistent in prioritizing our child's sleep we will begin to see more 'good' days than difficult one.

Tip #4 - Get help

Having trouble sorting it all out on your own? Ask for help. Whether you hire a sleep consultant, or ask a friend who's had experience, ask someone for help. Sleep has a huge affect on mental health. If you're not getting enough sleep at night, or finding a few moments to yourself during the day it is going to catch up to you.

Tip #5 - Prioritize

I know it is not realistic to always sleep when the baby sleeps. Some of us have trouble relaxing when all of the chores still need to be done. So prioritize what needs to be done first and make time for yourself. Do the dishes while your baby is awake and happy in the swing, fold the laundry while you play with them on the floor. Do chores during the morning nap so you can take time to drink a coffee and read your book during the afternoon nap.

A big one for me was learning to not feel guilty about doing my chores while the kids are awake so I can have time to myself when they sleep. But trust me mama, this is important.

Put yourself first

You can not give from an empty cup. Putting yourself first is the best thing you can do for your kids. And the best way to put yourself first is by getting their sleep on track (not to mention all of the health benefits of getting enough sleep for them).

Getting your kids to sleep and time to yourself is not as far away as you think! As a certified sleep consultant I can help you get there. If it feels impossible, book a 15 minute phone call to discuss how you can get started on your way today. Click the link below to book now!

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