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Transitioning from Bassinet to Crib

This is one of the biggest transitions for you and your baby. They spent all those months sleeping in a bassinet beside your bed and now it's time to move them into their own room and into a bigger crib! This transition can be full of emotions from excitement to anxiety to fear. What we really need is for it to go as smooth as possible!

Keep reading for my top tips to smooth the transition from bassinet to crib.


Before attempting naps in their new space, take them in there to play. Introduce them to their new room and sleep space by playing or reading books in their so they become familiar with the room. This will help when putting them to sleep in there for the first time.

Practice, practice, practice!

You know the saying "Practice makes perfect"? Well this goes for babies too. In order for them to sleep well in their new space they need to practice it!

I recommend starting with the first nap of the day. This is usually the easiest nap to get in as they still have some sleep drive left over from night time and haven't yet had time to be overstimulated by the day.

So put them into their new space for the first nap of the day and then the rest in the previous space. Once baby is successfully napping for the first nap of the day you can add in the rest of the naps.

During this time you can expect naps to be shorter while they transition. You may need to have a contact nap, or stroller/car nap to get in enough sleep for the day.


Make sure the new space is conducive to sleep. The most important factors are:

  • Dark - get some blackout blinds, or get creative and tape garbage bags on the windows. Whatever works!

  • White noise - great for drowning outside noise and becomes an indicator that it's time to sleep.

  • Boring - keep toys or anything interesting out of sight so their less tempted to look at things instead of falling asleep


Last but not least is consistency. Many babies will cry as soon they're put into the crib and many parents will take this as a sign that they don't like their crib. The thing is that just like adults, babies need time to adjust. They might not like the crib initially, but there you try the more they will get used to it. So keep putting them in the crib for that first nap. If this is your ultimate goal, then don't give up! Soon they will be sleeping peacefully and you will be too.

Need more help? Head to my contact page and send me a message OR go to my instagram ( @thatsleepmama) and book a free 15 minute phone call through the link in my bio.

Tara - That Sleep Mama


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